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Steel Bar

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Steel bar can be divided into square steel bar, round steel bar , flat steel bar and so on. Carbon steel bar, a low-carbon steel with carbon content below 28%, is generally used for structures with low tensile strength, such as common building steel, common standard parts, hot-rolled steel and so on.

Carbon steel, the full name of the high quality carbon steel, the content of harmful elements containing sulfur and phosphorus is low (less than 0.035%), of which 08, 10, 15, 20, 25 other brands belong to low carbon steel, its good plasticity, easy drawing, extrusion, stamping, forging and welding, the use of the 20 steel guangzhou. 30 - 55 belongs to medium carbon steel.

Through quenching and tempering, excellent mechanical properties can be obtained. It is often used as an important shaft, fastener and so on. Above No. 60 belongs to high carbon steel, making spring and wear-resistant parts. 20CrMnTi is an important carburizing steel, which is suitable for making important gears, etc. 27SiMn is a high strength and easily weldable steel, which is very important for welding. 35CrMo and 42CrMo are high strength steel used for very important parts, such as the connecting rod screws of the engine, and the cylinder head screws. Heavy truck tire screws etc.
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