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The Development Tendency of Mould Steel Plate

The Development Tendency of Mould Steel Plate

The mould is becoming large-scale with each passing day. On the one hand, the mould shaping is increasing larger and larger day by day, on the other hand, in order to improve production efficiency, one mould has multiple cavities, so the demand for large-scale mould steel plate will increase by years. The precision of the mould is getting higher and higher, and it is required the steel of good quality as well as good dimensional stability. The demand for plastic mould steel plate and die-casting mould steel plate is increasing greatly. Also, the medium and high-grade mould steel plate enjoys an increasing demand, while the low-grade mould steel plate is surplus. In addition, with the increasing application of mould standard parts as well as the improvement of mould standardization and commercialization, higher requirements will be put forward for the product quality, specifications and delivery cycle of mould steel plate.

The SKD61 mould steel plate is similar to a 4330 alloy, which has excellent dimensional stability and can form all types of metal sheet, which will accept various forms of surface treatment, including flame and induction hardening, cemented carbide coating, PVD and nitriding. Therefore, SKD61 mould steel plate not only has the advantages of mould steel plate but also has the characteristics of some alloy steel products. It will drive the great development of the mould steel plate industry.

Therefore, iron and steel enterprises must pay close attention to the research and development of a new variety of high-precision, high-toughness, corrosion-resistant, and high-quality mould steel plate, in accordance with the development trend of the mould manufacturing industry and the needs of the mould market, so that hot work mould steel plate and cold work mould steel plate can reach the world's advanced level. I believe that in the days to come, the quality and technology of our mould steel plate will get better and better, and the mould steel plate market will develop faster and better, which will lead the mould steel plate industry to a higher level of development.

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