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Thickness Of Steel Plate And Automobile Safety

Thickness Of Steel Plate And Automobile Safety

Why does the thickness of the steel plate have nothing to do with the safety?

The structure of the car is like a lantern

The structure of this lantern is very similar to that of our car. It is a skeleton inside and a layer of paper on the outside. This paper represents the steel plate on top of the car and . The thickness of steel plate has no great influence on our passive safety.

Security mainly depends on the buffer structure

The safety mainly depends on our buffer structure and its own anti-collision steel girder. This kind of car 20 or 30 years ago has the steel plate thick like watermelon skin, but actually the its safety is not better than our car now.

Why? One is that there is a grape in the glass bottle which has been shaken for a while. The glass bottle is all right while the grape has rotted.

Now it's a big grape outside with a small box inside it. The grape has rotted while the box is safe. That's an advance in the idea of safety. We can make a real difference in security.

So why do many people care about the thickness of steel plates?

The thickness of the steel plate affects the damage degree of the car during small scratch

The thickness of this steel plate really does have an impact on the degree of damage to our car when we have a small scratch or a low speed impact. It's not really a matter of safety, but a matter of money. You rub it a little bit, and if the steel isn't deformed, it's probably just a matter of paint. If it's thinner and perforated, it's deformed, and your maintenance costs are really going to go up.

People think it's safe to have thick steel plates

This is our consumer money side. Manufacturers are also connected. You made the steel plate a little thick, and you will enjoy a good reputation. When the collision happens, if your car still looks good, people will think the car will be safer. You see, the car next door with a thin steel plate was hit by a 30 yard collision, and it's as rotten as an accordion. However, my car can stand a 70 or 80 yard collision.

For manufacturers, this little scratch has become their own word-of-mouth marketing.

Steel plate thickness can only be used as the cost of daily economic use

There's nothing wrong with people thinking your car is strong and durable. But in any case, whether the steel plate is thick or not has little to do with the safety of our car.

You want to be safe. Do you want to replace the window glass with steel? It's like an iron cage. There is no such thing.

So when we buy a car, the thickness of the steel plate can be analyzed as a point of view of the cost of daily economic use, not that it doesn't make any sense.

It's just that people around you say, "this steel plate is too thin to be safe. Don't buy it.” You might as well look critically to see if his views are objective.
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