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Standard And Safety Of Steel Pipes And Steel Materials For Boilers

Standard And Safety Of Steel Pipes And Steel Materials For Boilers

The steel pipe standard has played a role in technology guidance to a certain extent, guiding the capital flow direction and market orientation of the steel pipe manufacturing industry, and making its technology and products better meet the realization of China's economic and industrial adjustment goals. Most of the steel pipe standards formulated in China usually stipulate product varieties, specifications and technical requirements, quality performance indexes, test inspection methods, judgment rules and other contents, which are the basis of product qualification and the key to product market access.

China's steel pipe standard system is divided into basic standards: one is the GB/T2102 standard, which stipulates the acceptance, packaging, marking and quality certificate of seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe; the other standard is GB/T 17395, which stipulates the size, shape, weight, allowable deviation and other contents of seamless steel pipe, and is applicable to the general provisions of various fields related to steel pipe, which has universal practical significance. The standard system of steel pipe is also divided into the following standards: main product manufacturing methods and technical quality requirements for seamless steel pipe, welded steel pipe and steel pipe made of special shape and special technology, which has certain guiding significance for guiding the production, processing and utilization of steel pipe. In addition, the standards related to product standard quality include various test method standards that reflect the test methods related to the manufacturing of steel pipe products and quality performance. Among them, the mechanical property measurement includes 4 items, including: metal pipe stretching, high-temperature stretching, pipe ring stretching, and impact, which involves GB/T228, GB/T229, GB/T4338, and GB/T17104; Process performance tests include: metal tube hydraulic test, flaring test method, bending test method, flanging test method, and flattening test method, which involves GB/T241, GB/T242, GB/T244, GB/T245, GB/T246 standards; Non-destructive flaw detection includes 4 items: ultrasonic flaw detection method of steel pipe, eddy current flaw detection method, magnetic leakage flaw detection method and ultrasonic flaw detection method used to confirm the compactness of welding water, which involves GB/T5777, GB/T7735, GB/T12606, GB/T18256 standards.

China's boiler and pressure vessel steel pipe standards are being revised in recent years. The GB5310 high pressure boiler tube standard was revised in 1995. Compared with the old version of 1985, the new version in 1995 removes the steel grade that the user rarely uses or the steel mill does not really organize the mass production, but adds 6 new carbon steel pipes and ferritic tubes, including 20MnG (SA-210 A1), 25MnG (SA-210C), 20MoG (SA). -209T1a), 12CrMoG (SA-213 T2), 12Cr2MoG (SA-213T22), 10Cr9Mo1VNb (SA-213T91), as well as two austenitic steel tubes, including 1Cr18Ni9 (SA-213 TP304H), 1Cr19Ni11Nb ( SA-213 TP347H). These 8 kinds of steel tube materials were originally the ASME materials used in the original design of the imported technology assessment unit. Gb5310-95 represents the direction of China's material standards in line with international standards.

In the GB5310-95 standard, it is also mandatory to perform ultrasonic and eddy current non-destructive testing methods on the finished steel pipe to ensure that the quality of the steel pipe meets the design requirements.
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