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Boiler Steel Material

Boiler Steel Material

16MnR is a commonly used steel for boiler pressure vessels, hot rolled or normalized. It is a low alloy steel with a low content of Mn. The performance is similar to 20G (412-540), the tensile strength is slightly stronger (450-655), and the elongation is 19-21%, which is worse than 20G. 20G is relatively cheap and has good performance. It is only about 500 yuan/ton more expensive than 20 steel, and the working pressure is even higher than 16MnR. 20g is a material in steel, which belongs to the boiler board.

Executive standard: GB713-1997 (both internal and external standards implement this standard)

Scope of application: Steel plates with a thickness of 6mm-150mm.

Since the steel plate is delivered with a positive tolerance at the time of delivery, the boiler plate also has a thickness value added table. When theoretically calculating the weight of the steel plate, it is necessary to add the corresponding value on the table based on the thickness. According to the requirements, the steel plate can be heat-treated for delivery: controlled rolling, normalizing, etc. Flaw detection standard implementation: JB/T4730.3-2005, divided into three levels.

20G tensile strength      yield strength          elongation after fracture
410-550MPa            235-245MPa                 20%

The difference between 20g and 20# steel

There are 20# steel and 20g. In addition to the carbon content, 20g has some trace elements are more suitable for use as boiler pressure vessels. In addition, 20g also focuses on assessing its physical properties such as bending, impact and tensile properties.
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