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4140 Sheet Metal

4140 Sheet Metal

Alloy Constructional Steel: 4140 sheet metal

Operative Norm: ASTM-A29/A29M-04

Characteristics and Scope of Application:

High strength, high hardenability, good toughness, small deformation during quenching, high creep strength and lasting strength at high temperature. It is used to produce forge pieces with higher strength than 35CrMo steel and larger tempering section, such as large gear, turbocharger drive gear, rear axle, heavy load connecting rod and spring clip for locomotive traction, and it can also be used for deep drilling rod joints and fishing tools under 2000m.

Alloy constructional steel / Alloy steel - 4140 sheet metal has suitable hardenability, after suitable metal heat treatment, its microstructure is homogeneous sorbite, bainite or very fine pearlite. Therefore, it has quite high tensile strength and flexion ratio (generally at about 0.85), high toughness and fatigue strength, and low toughness-to-brittleness transition temperature, it can be used to manufacture machine parts with the large cross section.

Round bar specification: 4140 sheet metal with diameter from 14mm to 300mm and length within 6 meters

Sheet specification: 4140 alloy steel/steel plate with thickness from 16 to 300mm, width within 505mm and length within 6 meters

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